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The Alex Clark Company Ltd London

This is all that is on the bottom of a silver mug my mother just gave me. I looked into Alex Clark Co, but all I can find are the same looking stamped mark but they all then have Walback (or something like that). There are no additional markings on the mug, just what I have in the title.
Is this a knock off? Mother did bring it over from the UK and it does appear to be silver. The handle on the mug is George II in type.

Any help on this would be appreciated. All internet research has failed to show any marks that only say “The Alex Clark Company Ltd London” (there is an “r” after Alex which I’m assuming is registered trade mark?).
Thank you

This company made both solid silver and electroplated items. As your mug does not have hallmarks we have to assume it is electroplated. Welbeck Silver is a trade mark used by the company at some point during its history on electroplated items, but the absence of this trade mark does not mean it is not electroplate. “Alex” with a small “r” after it is short for Alexander as the company’s complete name was The Alexander Clark Manufacturing Company. They had premises in London but their main manufacturing site was The Welbeck Works, Randall Street, Sheffield.

Thank you for the info. If this is electroplated, how could I determine it’s value? I just can’t find any mugs that look the same.

Electroplate has little commercial value so just look for something similar. It won’t be far off in value.