the marks hard to find.(old silver spoons)

there are the six silver spoons bought from U.K.
please see the pics.
the seller said they are c.1750s,George II .
every one has a “wolf head” and marks on the back.
there are “lion” and an unclear mark.
i took pictures ,they seem differently.
really hard to read.

i just wanna know what the city,date and maker.

thank you.

Your pictures are not showing. If you can see them there may be some sort of privacy option set which only allows you to see them.

hello,thanks for reply.
i show them.
please see the marks~

You have a very interesting collection of makers there. They all seem to be London hallmarks from the middle of the 18th century, so “1750s” would be a good description.

Taking them one at a time:

  • I? with the swan above it is Jeremiah King, this mark registered 1736
  • ?A could be CA or SA; if CA it could be Charles Archer (registered 1726) or if SA then it is probably Stephen Adams whose first mark was registered in 1760.
  • TW is probably Thomas Wallis, mark first registered 1758.
  • The next one looks like SA again (note that there is no consistency in the orientation of the maker’s initials), although it may be something completely different.
  • W? could be WE or WF (or something else); if WF then William Fearn (registered 1769) is a possibility.
  • TW - another by probably Thomas Wallis.

Because of the poor condition of the marks the only one I am sure about is Jeremiah King.

The crest is a boar’s head, not a wolf’s head.