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The seller states that this is sterling.

Hello everyone.

Can someone please tell me if the stamps on the back of this metal brooch indicate that this is made of sterling?

The seller states it is from the 1980s and is made of sterling. It is 3" tall and 2" wide. The seller believes the letter markings are AD.

It is not silver in color. I might guess it is gold plated? Possibly it is just very cheap costume jewelry and its neither sterling nor gold plated.

Whet do you think?



attached: photos of back and front
scrooge brooch2.jpg
scrooge brooch.jpg

It looks like a brass micro-etched pin that was gold plated.


Apon further inquiry…the seller admitted that her claim that it is sterling silver was probably inaccurate…a guess at best.

I bought the item anyways. Its an obscure piece and the price was low.

The item was found to be slightly magnetic. Whatever its made of…it is not sterling.