Thimble mark ID

Hi everyone ,
i am a metal detector and found this thimble the other day i know what all the hall marks mean makers name , passant lion , date letter and assay mark for Birmingham UK but to the left of the makers mark there is an X in a box now there can’t be 2 date letters ? so what is the X for ? any ideas ? photo’s attached ATB Rob .

Mon Jan 15 09-01-31
Mon Jan 15 09-04-45

It’s not another date mark as you have realised; equally I don’t think it’s a letter. Some electroplaters used a very similar symbol as part of their marking but I’m not suggesting that your thimble is electroplated - the hallmark is a guarantee that it’s sterling. The symbol may be a retailer’s mark; I don’t think it’s anything to do with the maker.


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