Thomas Bradbury and Songs Serving Dish? crown mark?

Hello, I am looking for some help on distinguishing a few marks as well as possibly some history on the the item if anyone knows of it. It is a serving dish I believe, it is like a pot with 4 wooden feet and a wooden handle. It also has a divider tray that sits in there and splits it into three sections, as well as a lid.

It is made by Thomas Bradbury and Sons. There is a cursive T, than TB&S and a cursive S, which is how I found the maker. Above that there is a small crown on top, and below is a D in a diamond styled square that I am looking to decipher. Sorry for the horrible picture, but you can see the crown and D, not so much the TB&S mark.

Is this sterling? Anyone know what time frame it might be from? anything would help :slight_smile:

I have to agree with you that it is a horrible picture (sorry|). I really can’t make anything of it at all. However Bradbury & Sons did use marks as you describe, but on plated ware, so your dish is not sterling. A few of Bradbury’s marks are illustrated here, from which I deduce that that the D in a diamond may be a date code, but, if so, these are undocumented so it is of no help. The use of the crown (later banned by law) puts the dish before about 1890.