Three Spoons -- Your Help Appreciated!

Hello at the Silver forum.

I am a long time collector or WWI-era military orders and medals. Recently I acquired these three spoons. I realized that while I could tell you the difference between a Red Eagle Order made in 1914 from one made in 1918, and identify the maker for each, and explain all the marks, etc., I haven’t the faintest idea about flatware.

I am hoping these photos convey the necessary information. Two of these spoons came to me with small descriptive cards, which I have also photographed.

I am interested to know any and all information about the spoons – where they were made, by whom, when, what the markings mean, and for what they may have been used.

I sincerely appreciate all information and replies.

I think these are British, but if I’ve posted in the wrong section, Moderator, please move to the correct one. Thanks

Spoon 1.

The card reads:

William III Silver Spoon in the Triffid Pattern
London 1695

I realize I forgot to shoot a closeup of the third marking. If it’s necessary for identification, I will – please just let me know.

Spoon 2

The card reads:

Rare Gilt Sheffield Spoon
Sheffield Circa 1816
By: H. Freeth

I assume this spoon is silver gilt?

Here are the photos:

Spoon 3

This spoon has no accompanying card. I’ve done my best with the marks, some of which are indistinct.

One final image with some measurements:

Fire away, and thank you for your help!


The trifid (or trefid) spoon has been correctly described. It has the date letter s for 1695. The maker’s mark looks as if it might be IK crowned for Jonah Kirk, but it’s not clear enough for me to be 100% sure.

The spoon described as Sheffield by H Freeth has never been anywhere near Sheffield. Its style appears to be American or possibly continental European, but I don’t recognise the marks.

I suspect the third spoon may be German. Your 7th picture may be the purity mark - 12 Lot. The Lot system has pure silver at 16 Lot so 12 Lot is 750/1000.

Hi Silvermarks,

Thank you for your quick reply. I really appreciate your help.

So we’ve got two unknown spoons. Is there another subforum that I could move these two last spoons to where someone else might know what to make of them?

Also, is there any way to put an approximate value on the trefid spoon?

I suggest we leave your query here and hope that someone can help. My guess at a value for the trefid spoon is £175-£225 ($300-$375).

Many thanks – let’s see what develops then.

One more question – should I polish these? What is your opinion?

Yes, you should always polish silver, but gently, by hand and not too frequently.