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Tiffany and Co pendant real for fake?

Hi, can you identify if this is a real or fake Tiffany and Co pendant? Thanks

It’s “purity marked” (their expression not mine) “Tiffany & Co .925”. So it is likely sterling- silver gilt and contains 4 very small diamond (?) chips in the fleur de lys design. The links are soldered together not pinched, the item is well made and the gilt work apparently without wear through. So if it is a knockoff it is an expensively made knockoff and there would need to be thousands of them to make the effort worthwhile. The design is authentic Tiffany & Co. and crisp enough not to be a sand cast .You can test it for metal content which, while it does not tell it is made by Tiffany, at least tells you what it is made of. Still in doubt? Take it to a local Tiffany store. They say they don’t do appraisals but they do offer “valuation for insurance purposes”, which strikes me as being a distinction without a difference probably to avoid competing with the very people they most rely upon to validate their goods. That’s as much as I can do from a photo. CRWW