Tiffany & Co. Silver "Seashell" Dish or Bowl

Hi…I’m trying to evaluate the value of a Tiffany & Co Bowl which came to me from a relative’s Estate. It weighs 116.0g and if 5 1/4" x 5" and about 1" deep. The mark on the back says: TIFFANY & Co. 9107M2816 STERLING SILVER. Then, it has what appear to be hand etched additions adjacent to the mark, as follows: 3/90 1867

Can anyone help me? What is this lovely dish and what’s it worth.

I tried to post an image but am not certain I did it correctly. Plus, I have others I can email if someone’s willing to help!
Tiffany Shell Dish, side - Copy.JPG
Tiffany Shell Dish, inverted - Copy.JPG
Tiffany Shell Dish, full - Copy.JPG