Tiffany silver

Hello, I have a Tiffany silver pitcher I inherited from my mother, via my grandfather. My grandfather bought it approx 1950 in London for the price of silver. While I would never sell it, I believe I need to insure it. I have tried to contact Tiffany to ask them for any information they might have in their archive but have not heard back from them. I would like to get a written appraisal but don’t know who to contact. Thanks! Jennifer

i cannot seem to add any pictures. The item is 75.83 troy oz ( I did the conversion - 83.2 oz), On the bottom it has: TIffany & Co - 5 942 MAKERS 1873 - STERLING SILVER - 925-1000 - 1955- M.

I will work on uploading pictures later - the size seems to be the problem. Thanks!

Hi there Jennifer - good quality, heavy, American sterling silver pitchers are hot items right now. Watch ebay and look over the completed items there to get an idea. Depending on how ornate your pitcher is, a value in the $5,000-7,500 range is not out of the question.


Uncle Vic