Tiny Silver Teaspoons Identification and Use Help

Hi, I have had these three tiny teaspoons from my great aunt in my draw for years, she used them as condiments.
All three have what looks like a golf ball on the top, is it? or is it just a design?
What were they used for?
What period are the from - Art Deco?
Two spoons are the same but have different hall marks on (J.F) and (W.H.H), one has the same hallmarks W.H.H) as one of the other spoons, so am a bit confused! Thanks


They may be awards for playing (and winning at?) golf. The different makers suggest that the awarders changed supplier but kept the design. WHH is W H Haseler Ltd and that spoon has a Birmingham hallmark with the date letter D for 1928. JF is James Fenton and Co and the Birmingham hallmark on that spoon has the date letter A for 1925.


ah that makes sense. thank you for the information.