Tobacco or tea jar 1791?

Dear all

This is a beautiful jar from my family

It has the marking as in the picture
It also has a writing

“Anna Maria Lau 1791 on it “

Can anyone identify it?

Can it really be 1791?


No one can help here?

It doesn’t seem like it. Sorry…

Thanks. Hope for better luck next time.

1791 maybe a pattern number?
There is a stamp underneath in the center, can you get a better picture of that stamp. If you can date the stamp, it might answer your question.

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Thanks so much
Here it is

I thought the number was the year of birth of the last e named of the year it was given as a present.

1791 is definitely a date and not a pattern number as it is quite clearly part of the prick-marked inscription.

Date of birth of the lady or year it was given as a present.

I found a lady of that name who reached 18y in that date. Could be her.