total newbie with 2 pieces


I’m a pre-novice when it comes to silver and silver plated objects, but I’ve become interested in them recently as an outgrowth of my work with sterling silver in jewelry making.

Anyway, I found these two pieces today in a second hand shop and have no idea what their value is, etc.

  • Item 1: Gorham Y?C1314, EP silver tray

  • Dimensions: 13” long by 10” wide by 2.5” deep

  • Mark says ‘Gorham E[framed anchor symbol]P, Y(or V)C1314

  • Comes with ‘A Gorham Silver Original’ sticker, red colored with silver border and text

  • Item 2: W&S Blackinton, EP on brass (I think it’s a creamer and sugar set?)

  • Dimensions: tray: 8.5” long by 3.5” wide

  • Mark says ‘W & S Blackinton / EP on Brass / White Metal Mounts / 51’

If anyone has any insight into how common / rare these pieces might be, or any other information you’d like to share, please let me know!

Many thanks!