Totty Spoon ......Help on hallmarks please.

Any help would be great. thanks. It weighs 40g and about 17.5 cm long, How much is it worth please

This is a silver plate mark. I don’t know the maker, but it has only minimal commercial value.

Thankyou very much for that
What country is it from and about what age.
If it was silver plated would it be showing what is under the plating by now, it looks worn in areas but with no change to or discolouration.

Without knowing the maker it’s not possible to say for sure what country your ladle is from, but I am pretty sure it’s British and possibly a Sheffield company (judging by the final S). I think the initials are C E & Co S by the way. Also the use of BP (Britannia Plate, a form of electroplate) tends to point towards British.

Silver plating will eventually wear off but may not always be evident depending on the composition of the base metal.