Towle coffee pot from Neburry Ma before 1900 for sure

Nice condition, we have had this from my wife’s grandmother, a set of silverware and this set, 2 pots, 1 handle is broken, we have the piece, creamer, sugar bowl and huge 24 long plate to hold this set the creamer logo says 43313. I see that they were made only 12 miles north from here in Newburyport Ma. been in our family for over 125 years in a box in the attic. I can find any old, before 1900 Towle silver pots on line, or there history with pictures, only about the company and the logo changing . To a lion rather than this T .

Hi there and thanks for joining us. That particular “T” was used on their silver plated goods, and it appears the letters “E.P.” (Electro Plated) are under the name. Dorothy Rainwater’s Encyclopedia of American Silver Manufacturers (Revised 5th Ed.) p. 255, shows that mark layout being after 1890.

Towle mass produced both plated and sterling wares and is still in business. A silver plated pot such as the one you show, even in pristine condtion, is of little commercial value, but obviously of great value to your family history. Display it rather than box it away!


Uncle Vic