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towle gold accent old master purse mirror

hi everybody! i believe this is a gold accent old master pattern purse mirror - towle for sure, it’s marked: Towle EP. as far as i know, the gold accent old master pattern is 24K gold plating over sterling. towle currently sells the sterling silver old master version of this mirror but when i called them about this gold accent one, customer service said it must be old because they have no record of it and suggested i try the library. so my questions are, is my pattern correct, any idea how old, and what would it be worth? it’s reflecting something orange in the photo - it’s in perfect condition. thanks as always, bobbie

Hello Bobbie -

This is a very modern piece, probably post 1970’s. It is a gold wash over silverplate. (EP means electroplated.) Its value is quite low,

The Old Master pattern itself is a very popular Towle sterling pattern introduced in 1942. It was so popular a line of silverplated “giftware” was introduced in the same pattern - there is also quite a bit of Old Master holloware available in silverplate.
(Sorry to disappoint you.)

Edited to add : I was thinking, when you say it is marked Towle EP, I presumed that was its complete marking, that it was not also marked sterling. If it is marked sterling then the EP would refer to the electroplated gold finish on the surface. Could you let us know what the complete marking is? Thanks.


hi lisa, thanks so much for the reply. i learn so much every time i post something in this forum. the marking is just : TOWLE EP - . i knew the old master pattern came in silverplate but i didn’t find any with the gold accent, hence my wish for this to be 24 gold plating over sterling (rats! ) oh well, it does appear to be vintage (!) - – bobbie