Towle ID

[size=150]I have located a Towle SOM@1977 “paperweight”. It weighs 192 grams/6.8 ounces, not troy ounces. It has measurements as follows: 2 5/8" from point to flat end, 2 3/4" point to point, 1 5/8" across a flat end.
I have checked with a few replacement companies but to no avail.
Can anyone here help identify it? Is it made of sterling silver? What is it’s value?
Towle SS Medallion edge 3b.jpg
Towle SS Medallion Rev 2b.jpg
Towle SS Medallion 1b.jpg

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Towle Silversmiths is an American company located in Newburyport, Mass. that produced (and still does) both sterling and silverplated items. Your item is silverplated, not solid sterling silver. The lack of the word “sterling” or “sterling silver” on an American item such as yours means it is plated. As such, it has little commercial value.


Uncle Vic

Thank you for your response. I now know more about it’s potential value or lack thereof! Have a great day :smiley: