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"Towle silverplate 47-72" tea pot/coffe pot

hey! new to this. found a very heavy, un-polishes teapot/coffe pot (?) at the thrift store. been googling all day to no avail. no picture yet, but it is a Towle silverplate 47-72. do these numbers mean anything to you? its got the “T” emblem and the towle name. i will post pic as soon as i do some polishing chores. thanx for any suggestions.

Hi there Thrifty and thanks for joining us. No, the numbers don’t have any signifigance that I can find and are probably just a model or pattern number. Towle, of Newburyport, Mass. is still in business and dates back to the mid 1800s. When you get your pot polished up, take a nice, clear close-up photo of the marks and perhaps we can narrow down the date range for you.


Uncle Vic