trademark vs. hallmark: what's the difference?

i’m confused… i read somewhere that says hallmarking is the thing they do in england after assaying the metal… and all the other marks done or engraved on… let’s say silver products made in the U.S. are just trademarks.

I don’t get it… what makes a hallmark not a trademark?.. or what keeps trademarks from being hallmarks?..

The basic difference is that a trade mark is applied by the manufacturer while a hall mark is applied by an independent body as an indication of quality. Historically the clue is in the name - why hallmark? The word hallmark came into use in the 15th century when goldsmiths were required by law to submit their goods for testing to Goldsmiths Hall, the headquarters of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths. Once tested the items were marked before being allowed to go on sale.

Silvermakersmarks know what he is talking about :slight_smile:

hall_mark, yes it is a bit confusing. Try reading about hallmarks here at , this should clear things up for you…

Hope this helps