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Trophy valuation

I have been left a trophy which my Great Uncle won in 1947.
The trophy stands 170mm high (without stand) & measures 200mm from the outside of the handles across. Without the stand it weighs in at 384g.
I’ve no intention of ever selling this item as it’s all I have from that side of the family…but it is interesting to know if it has any value.
I’ve included a picture of the hallmark if that helps.
1st mark P
2nd mark BRS
3rd cant identify
4th mark lion
5th mark A

Many thanks, Rob

of course it has value. Unfortunatly because of the inscription, scrap value. It just depends really. The design is great, and personally id like it. Does the black mount detatch? If it does weigh the cup without it. A troy ounce is roughly 32grams. £15 an ounce is the price atm.