Trouble identifying

I picked up 2 butter knives today and was wondering if anyone could help me identify them.
I researched some and only found that the lion was the british mark for sterling .925 for Glasgow, but there is only a shield and name with it. both sides say “The stevens” so I am thinking they were made special for them. ? Any information anyone has would be appreciataed. there are no other marks. thank you.[/img]

The lion is part of the armorial and has no connection with a Scottish hallmark. As there are no other marks such as a fineness indication (“925”, “sterling”, etc) they must be considered to be, at best, electroplated. The lack of identifying marks makes identification impossible.

Thank you very much, Just starting to collect, so Im not that good at this, I did find a spoon that clearly stated STERLING with a makers name which is what it claims to be, one out of 12 isnt bad, had hoped it was real.