Trying to contact Micky

Micky posted a reply to a query by Brad15260 regarding a William Hutton & Sons teapot.
He gave some information about William Hutton and Sons and said that James Edward Hutton was his great grandfather. I am investigating my wife’s family tree and her great grandfather was a William Ernest Hutton who was born at 13 Thavies Inn, London and was later on described as a silversmith in Sheffield. Sounds like the same family - any chance that you could supply further details of your family Micky so that I can try and tie down that part of my wife’s family, please

I can give you quite a bit more Hutton family details but would rather do it by E-mail.
I don’t know how to give you my address without everybody seeing it here.

Micky (Hutton)

Hi Micky

Thanks for your reply and appreciate your reasons for not putting your e-mail address for all to see.

I have set up a temporary e-mail address of If you would send your e-mail address to me on that I’ll get back to you and then we can talk. It’s a bit cumbersome but means that we both remain safe. Once I receive a reply from you I will close down the Hotmail address

Hope that’s OK. Look forward to hearing from you