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Trying to identify another manufacturer...

hi! this is from a silverplated footed small meat tray with the tree of life pattern. manufacturer initials JG – you can’t really read that ‘G’ very well. i took several photos but that letter just won’t show well. i did check the site recommended. possibly john gilbert??? but it’s not exact. thanks so much for your help. bobbie

Bobbie, thanks for joining us again. It looks to me like one of the zillion American marks of the Rogers clan of silverplate makers…the first set of letters looks to me like “EPNS” for electro plated nickel silver, the second set of letters seems to be “RSPCo” , probably “Rogers Silver Plate Co”…but I can’t find the logo that is above the letters as a match in my books. But Rogers marks are like trying to find the birthdate of Moses…no kidding.

Anyway, my best guess. How about it readers?

Uncle Vic

hi uncle vic, thanks so much! oh you have no idea how thrilled i am to find this forum, having gone Silver Crazy!!! i did wonder about all the ‘stuff’ on this one - really appreciate the reply. bobbie

I think the RSPC stands for the Rockford Silver Plate Company, Rockford, Illinois.
The JG stands for Jewelers Guild.

thank you, snuffer! two heads sure are better than The One!! :smiley:

I have a piece (sort of a punch-pattern cake plate) with exactly the same hallmark. J-crown-G, RSPG EPGS. Did you ever figure out what it is?

I found some images of the Rockford Silver Plate Co. marks on, and they don’t look anything like mine.