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trying to identify this ring

i have had this ring for about 5 years now, and it was given to me by an old friend. she is unaware of its origins. she said it is sterling silver though. there are 2 markings on the inside, one is sort of visible in the picture, it seems to resemble a strange “3” but seems to have more of a scribble to it. the other is much smaller, and seems to be the number “925”. If anyone could help me figure this out, i would be forever grateful, as this ring means more than anything to me

sorry for the bad pic, i only have my phone for a camera.


That is a very unusual ring - well to me anyway.
The .925 confirms that it is silver.
I would get a magnifier on that 3 as it could be a hallmark or similar that could lead to more information about it’s origins.
Good luck.