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Trying to Identify this

Hello can anyone tell me more about this piece?
This is a teaspoon the reads: 925/1000 PATENTED, E.D.BARTHOLOMEW!
I hope the pictures come thru.

What is the mark to the left of 925/1000, just below the bowl? Get a clear in-focus picture of that if it’s not just a blemish.


Hello Phil thanks for your help. Here are some pictures of the marks. It appears to be a lion with an S and possibly a C.

A couple more images.

I think I’ve identified it as Frank W. Smith Silver Co Inc, from Gardener-MA.
Not sure of year…and not sure what the E.D.BARTHOLOMEW is. Engraved Griswold on the handles. Circa…?

Found more info on this dainty beauty…Five O’Clock Teaspoon
Baronial (Sterling, 1890)
Very similar with subtle differences.

I agree - Frank W Smith Silver Co. Bartholomew was probably the retailer and Griswold the owner.