Tulip type mark, please help identify.

Hi, I have this nice item which I think may be a condiment pot holder and I think it is an import to London after 1904 but not sure if 1904 or 1924. Also cannot find the I.S mark meaning on the net or the tulip type mark. The tulip mark also appears on the handle. Any help would be gladly received. Thanks Gary.

It is a London import mark for 1924. I’m not certain who IS is but it could be Isaac Specterman. Specterman (if that’s who IS is) is the importer and I suspect that the tulip is the mark of the maker, but I’ve no idea who this could be, or even what country it was made in.

Thanks Silvermakersmarks, I shall try to track down Isaac Specterman and see if he imported from any particular country. Cheers again