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twisted handle sterling fork--- Hayden & Whilden

Could anyone tell me anything about this sterling fork? I bought it at an auction for two dollars. It was hidden under a pile of cheap stainless flatware.

It is brite cut with flowers, leaves, vines, dots, and a shield shape with a monogram inside. The handle is twisted like a rope.

On the back is Hayden & Whilden 925 lion passant. The fork is 5 1/8 inches long, heavy, and is in excellent condition.

Is Hayden & Whilden a silversmith?

When was this fork made?

Is it a meat fork?

What is it worth?

Thank you for your help.
Hayden & Whilden fork 004 smaller.jpg
Hayden & Whilden fork 006 smaller.jpg
Hayden & Whilden fork 002 smaller.jpg

Hi there Paula and thanks for Joining us. That name does not show as an American silver maker in my references. The combination of the “925” and British style lion passant suggests a British export mark? Perhaps our UK experts can help?


Uncle Vic

This is not a name familar to me from the UK. The use of just a single lion passant stamp suggests that it is not an English Assay mark as there should also be town mark and date letter at the very least. The lion passant is one of the punches applied by the assay office, not by the maker. Note that there is no specific British export mark. Items for export would be stamped exactly the same as those for domestic use and “925” is not one of those marks.

The fork is for pastry or cake.

Since I originally posted, I have discovered that Hayden & Whilden was the name of a silver, etc. retailer in Charleston, South Carolina from 1855—1863.

My fork was marked “Hayden & Whilden” but was probably made in Philadelphia. The work closely resembles the work of George Sharp who worked for Bailey & Co. from 1852—1866-67. I cannot find a pattern name.

Can anyone estimate the value of the fork?

Thank you for responding to my questions!

Hi Paula,

This may seem kinda odd, but I was looking for silver markings for an item I purchased and came across yours. Would this happen to be the same Paula that has been on City Data? If it is you know my husband Robert!! If not then sorry to bother you…just thought it was kinda neat to see a familiar name. If it is then you can post back. I am just getting into silver and their markings and am having a hard time finding mine.