Two mystery hallmarks

These two sets of hallmarks are a mystery to me but I hope they won’t be to other members of this Forum :slight_smile: They belonged to two un-related great-uncles of mine - who were born 1896 and 1898.

One actually died in WW1 in 1918 so his (E N) must be before this date. For some reason, I wonder if the other (H J in a diamond) is French? This one looks as if the two other marks have popped out? I shall be so grateful for any feedback on these. Many thanks in anticipation. Heather

P.S. both these marks on on silver mounts on walking sticks/canes.

I think that the first mark, which you have as HJ, is upside down and reads TH and that the other marks are probably English hallmarks. If so then TH is probably Theodore Hartmann who was an importer of silver from 1897 until at least 1904 and probably beyond.

The hallmark date for the EN piece is 1920 which doesn’t tie up with your family history. EN is Ebenezer Newman & Co, stick mounters of Leonard Street, London EC2.

Hi there, I got them mixed up. Sorry - the great-uncle that had the EN one survived WW1. Here is a better image of the Rustic Cane marks … my latest thoughts are that this is JH - for Jonathan Howell of Henry Howell & Co. Ltd.

Yes, it is JH - I should have thought of that possibity. Henry Howell & Co were specialist cane and stick manufacturers, so that fits nicely.

Thank you very much indeed. Your help is much appreciated. Heather