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Two Silver Plated Lidded Jars Help Required.

Hi, I would be very grateful if somebody would be able to help in the identification of two similar silver plated lidded jars please. They are both very similar with solid removable lids, one has a pierced design on the outer body & the other is solid. They both have a circular hole in the bottom. One is made by William Hutton & the other is made by Army & Navy Cooperative Society. I am guessing that they were intended to recieve some sort of liner because of the hole in the bottom but were they made with a liner that is now missing or are they a cover jar for something. I thought at first they may be preserve jar liners but they don’t have a small hole in the lids where the spoon would protrude. Both Jars stand about 150mm high & 96mm diameter. I have attached some photo’s of both jars. Any thoughts would be very gratefully recieved.