un known mark

please help with this stampi have tried to show stamp but i am unable load photos
this mark is on a4 egg cup stand it looks like 6 102 1/2 with a 7 point star over it
hope someone can help this was sold to my mother as silver plate i have my doubts many thanks i hope to load photo now

What problems are you having with pictures? If you have the picture on your computer all you have to do is to “Browse” to the picture file in Add an Attachment (below the text entry box in Post a Reply), then click Add Attachment. You must ensure that the picture is cropped so that neither its height nor width are bigger than 500 pixels before you start.

Your mother’s egg cruet could easily be silver plate; it certainly doesn’t sound as if it is silver as you don’t describe anything that sounds like a hallmark or a fineness grade.