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Unable to identify a silver maker's mark / country of origin

Please help me to identify the silversmith’s mark / origin of the object. No idea even about the country… Thank you !

That’s a French maker’s mark for Massat Freres, late 19th C. There should be another mark indicating silver content, and it’s usually on the right side of the spoon.

Thanks a lot, appreciate your help. Yes, there is one, but it is so “blurred” that I can’t even take a good photo of it. This should be a Minerva head, but really very distinguishable… This is the best shot I could make:

You’re right, it is undistinguishable. I’ve not ever seen one where the silver mark is so obliterated. At least it should be no less than #2 standard silver (80%, but most of the French flatware I’ve seen is the #1 standard, particularly if it’s not vermeil). If it were silver plate there’d be a mark with a number on it.