Unhallmarked pot

I bought this curious little pot in a charity shop for a pound ,ive never seen one like it,very weighty for its size.I dont think its british,looks like it should be on an alter of some sort.Two pence alongside is to judge size.No mark on it whatsoever but its weight and how it poishes suggests to me its silver.However,im both hopeful and biased. Any info much appreciated

The general rule is that if a piece is not marked as silver then it very probably isn’t. Why would someone go the expense of using silver and then not advertise the fact? Of course there are always exceptions to every rule and the only way you can be sure is to have it properly tested. Beware of acid testing which only tests the surface and can therefore not reliably distinguish between solid silver and electroplate.


Thanks Phil, the two tassel scrolls are very curious ,im not sure why but i think it might have a Jewish connection.