Unicorn? Horse? Mauser?

I recently got this (sugar?) bowl and by doing some research it seems to be made by Mauser Mfg Co.
However two things concern me:

  1. Most of the other Mauser pieces that I’ve seen online seem to have four (4) separate makings: a) The unicorn b) STERLING c) 925/1000 Fine d) some other numbers (I’m guessing style #). My piece only has only two; what seems to be the Mauser unicorn and the word Sterling.
  2. My second concern is, that I haven’t seen any Mauser items in a similar style to this online.
    I am hoping that someone with more Mauser knowledge than the internet will be able to help me out with this.
    Thanks in advance,
    20160510_194101-1 (1).jpg
    20160510_193630-1 (1).jpg
    img_20160506_154738 (1).jpg