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Unidentified 800 silver mark on tot cup. Continental?


If anyone has any ideas about this, it would be greatly appreciated.

Marks to the underside of a silver tot cup, presumably continental (with 800 mark), but no idea of where from, what date, or who by!

Kind regards


the crown + halfmoon (cresent?) is Germany after 1886.

Is it not a timble?

Thanks Hose_dk

That’s a great help

Excuse my ignorance, what is a timble?!


Just figured out it’s by Lutz & Weiss of Pforzheim

I think Hose-dk meant a thimble, but looking at the the size of it in your hand, as a guage, would, I think, exclude this.

Thanks John!

Yes, it’s certainly too big for a thimble - it has a diameter of 3.3cm and is 4cm high, so seems likely to be intended as some kind of spirit / tot cup or measure.