Unidentified hallmark - 800 silver

Hello, I’ve had this bowl in 800 silver for some time, but I couldn’t identify the hallmark on the left, I believe it was hit twice during the hallmark. Would anyone know the origin, it is started by a star. Thanks

It’s an Italian mark. In addition to the star it has a number and 2 letters which together identify the silversmith and the province. If you can disentangle them you may be able to identify the maker using the information here. I think that the province letters are PD for Padua to give you a start.

The central mark, Z in a lozenge, is the silversmith’s logo and should help to confirm any identification


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Thank you so much Phil, as always you are amazing with your answers! Have a great week!

Following your tips, I was able to identify the silversmith in the piece. It’s actually from Padova, made by F.LLI ZARAMELLA BRUNO AND CESARE and they started their activities in 1948. Thanks again for your help.

Padua (English name) is the same as Padova (correct Italian name).

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I’m Brazilian and in portuguese we call it Pádua. It’s strange to me when there are no variations in the name :smile: :smile: :smile: