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unidentified hallmark

Recently bought, very cheaply a brooch with this hallmark but am struggling to identify it. Tried adding picture but can’t seem to make it small enough. The mark is capital G.D.K in an oblong cartouche. This is all that is on there, can anyone help?

Don’t know if this will help, but found a company of that name in India. Here’s the URL:
Just do a search for GDK using the PDF search icon on top right of the article.

To reduce a picture you have taken with a digital camera or phone, you might need some appropriate software. EG: Photoshop or or Inkscape. I tend to use, it’s free like Inkscape and is easy to use. Just download it, install it, file open, then go to image resize from the menu bar.

thanks dka07, I did look at that site but I don’t think its the same company as they seem to specialise in jewelled pieces. appreciate the info about the picture, I will give it a try