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Unidentified Hallmarks

Hello. I recently purchased some small forks. They are 5 1/4 inch long. They only have two marks, both are on the front of the fork instead of the back. All of the forks have one mark that looks like a letter number date stamp. Looks like the number 18 or I(eye)8. Four of the forks have the same type of the other mark, and the other one has a different mark. The odd mark seems to be an image and letters. the marks on the other forks seems to be a Compass Rose like on maps but with wreaths or something at the sides.
I have looked on the internet and my local library, but haven’t turned up anything difinitive yet. Except that these have fewer marks than most flatware. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
Silver forks 006.jpg
Silver forks 007.jpg

my guess would be french silver plate. Sorry dont know master.

Thanks. that will narrow my seach. I was hoping for sterling. should have known better, not enough hallmarks. 8) Hope springs eternal, until the brick wall introduces itself.