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Unidentified Reprousse Vase

Hi! I’m researching a antique vase with the initials K,S. The initials are in squares. There are 3 squares total. The first is K, the second has a simple shield with 2 x’s at the top and one x at the bottom. The bottom x is under a outline of a upside down v shape. Over the top of the 2 x’s is a straight line. The third box is a S. Under the boxes is a set of #'s: 83853.
The vase is very light and seems to be a silver plated finish maybe? It is a reprousse vase with dutch scenery. It is heavily patena. The vase came from a Antique dealer in Dallas 15 years ago. It was marked 1800 era.
Has anyone ever seen this Hallmark before? I’ve been searching for weeks now and I’m going crazy!:slight_smile: