Unidentified silver marks

**can anyone help me with these marks?


Your first picture shows an electroplate mark of Walker & Hall of Sheffield. Unusually for electroplaters W&H had their own private date coding system; here the “f” is their code for 1924.

The mark in your second picture is too blurred to be completely sure but from what I can make out I surmise that the shield contains the letters CSG over &Co. If so this is the mark of C S Green & Co of Birmingham. This is also an electroplate mark as the 4 letters (2 on each side of the shield) are almost certainly EP NS for electroplated nickel silver.


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Thanks for that, think you are right on both accounts. I cleaned up the marks if you could confirm you initial assessment that would be great thanks. Also, what is the CSG&Co piece, a butter melter? It has an inner dish over a basin at the bottom with a slight gap for steam…? to be released? Thanks again.

Yes, I can confirm my identification. The dish sounds like it is a chafing dish - for keeping food warm. As you suggest it is for butter it sounds like it is not very big so the designated food to be kept warm would also not be very big (chafing dishes would normally be somewhat larger).

Thanks. It is wider than a butter dish but as you say a chafing dish would be considerably bigger. I have read about something called a ‘muffin dish’ do not know what that would be for though. Do you think you could date it, the CSG&Co one please? Thanks, Richard.

Dating is impossible. They were using that form of mark on silver throughout the first 90 years of the 20th century so its use on electroplate probably spanned the same period. I have no further insight into the use of the dish.

Thanks anyway. I will sell it as described then, and hopefully pictures will do the work.