Unidentified silver punch ladle

Hi team,

I have carefully looked over this fine piece of silver and have not located any makers mark or stamp, which is incredibly frustrating. Either it’s worn, or has been produced without (which seems unlikely, right?). Anyway, has anyone seen or had one of these and can speculate on the providence? The handle is hollow, and it has a sterling feel to it, although may only be continental silver.

Thanks for your help!


It is odd that there are no marks anywhere. So much handwork on it I think it is likely to be silver (that can be tested). If there truly are no marks on there, maybe someone made it for themselves or as a gift, but that’s pure speculation.

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Thanks Lemec, I wonder if the marks were punched too shallow perhaps and with normal handling and polishing, they have worn over time.

I have a piece that is over 260 years old (from he UK) still clearly showing the marks, and a lot of pieces in the 100+ to 200 years of age range, they pretty much all have identifiable marks, though some do have the marks worn down to the point they’re difficult or impossible to read. Still, they show where the marks were. Looking at the detail work on the handle, unless they only polished very heavily wherever the marks would have been, it doesn’t look like it’s been over polished to me.