unknown flatware

Hi folks this is my first post so be gentle.Please

I have been given some flatware by a relative who knows nothing about it,there is quite a lot of it.I’ve made a start on one serving set.
It was made by George Unite and is .925 sterling it was assayed in birmingham in 1878 and also has the victoria 1 assay mark.I got this information from the hallmarks on each piece,it also comes in a silk lined clamshell type box. the knife is approx. 10 inches long.
I have searched google and can find very little about this piece and only that the maker is sought after.Does any body have any idea of its worth?
I’ll try and get some photos up tonight.

do you know if the handles are ivory? They look it. Do you have a picture of the whole set??

I think the handles are Ivory as plastic wasn’t around when they were made and they don’t look or feel like bone.The two pieces are the complete set,they come in their own box.

its hard to estimate a price on this, ive searched around and generally speaking its hard to find a similar item. As we all know ivory isn’t PC now but silver of this quality shouldnt affect that. I’m no expert but i wouldnt take less than £150 for them. If like you say the maker is sought after then your certainly going to expect more. They are really beautiful examples of victorian silver.

Thanks for that,I’ve done quite a bit of research and have been unable to find a similar set anywhere,there are many fish serving sets that are close to the same style but the knife is very different.George Unite is sought after by collectors worldwide,according to google,but I have had a problem finding many of his pieces.It was left behind from my father in law along with lots of other silver and a huge amount of EPNS and other silver plate.It’s going to take a while to sort through it all.

I believe that this knife and fork were probably for serving cakes and pastries rather than fish. As you note, the shape of the knife blade is not the usual shape for a fish knife. George Unite (later George Unite & Sons) were fairly prolific makers and so not especially rare. The GU mark was first registered in 1832 and the company continued in business, going through several changes of name until about 1945.

watched an ebay item recently which was similar to this, (though handles were silver) which went for £360 pound. 200 would seem a nice reserve if you sold them.

hi got handed down a medal like silver piease its from J S birmingham 1839 thats all i know about it[/img]


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