Unknown Hallmark Identification

Hi, could anyone decipher this Hallmark please. I bought the item from a dealer who assured me that i was silver. I bought it as a gift for a Young lady who collects small Silver items and I need to confirm that it is indeed silver. TIA.

This is sterling silver (925/1000 purity). It was hallmarked in London in the assay year 1849/50. The maker, EE, is Elizabeth Eaton who took over the business of her husband, William, when he died in 1845.


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Many thanks, Phil. Very informative. You wouldn’t happen to know what the mark is between the “E.E.” and the LION? Thanks in anticipation.

It’s the uncrowned leopard’s head which signifies the London Assay Office. It looks a bit damaged there which may have made it hard to recognise. There is a more obvious one on this example, also from 1849/50:

The change in orientation is due to my example being taken from a non-flatware item.