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Unknown Hallmark

My husband and I are young and just started collecting antiques. I don’t typically collect silver just because I didn’t have too much knowledge of it, but I found this beautiful dish at a store for $10 and would like to know it’s background. I have been searching for the “hallmarks” (if that’s even what they’re called) all over but can’t match them with any. I have attached a picture of the three symbols. The first a capital, stylized M inside of a shield/crest, the second a symbol inside a shield/crest, and the third is a lowercase c under a three point crown also inside a shield/crest. I found it a little odd that the first marking (the stylized M) is in a different shield/crest than the other two. Please help me identify this piece! It’s so beautiful and I really don’t want to be ignorant of it’s history. :blush: Thank you so much!