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Unknown hallmarks/ maker's marks

i have what was told to me to be a russian silver brandy warmer. it was given to my mother in the Seventies and the one who gave it to her had aquired it in the 1960s during the Korean war when he was stationed in Finland and was going between there and Russia regularly.
it was very dirty and i polished it. there is a very deep “22” mark on two places of the item but on the base there appear to be the real makers / hall/ country marks. i cannot identify the marks and need help or any info whatsoever. thank you. to me the piece itself looks most similar to Georg Jensen silver or items I have seen from estonia and latvia (Riga).

The marks you show look like general damage especially given the position of that triple mark on an exposed curve. Unless you can clean the marks out to reveal some sort of organised symbolisation or lettering the conclusion must be that your piece is at best electroplated. Soviet Russia had a clear hallmarking system which is definitely not evident here.


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thanks for the response. given that it was already something that had been around for a while when it was aquired in the 1960s I think it is unlikely to be electroplated considering that wasn’t invented until the mid 1930s. It could be something other than silver possibly or a non-pure form of the material, yes. it was tarnished a dark grey almost black when i was given it and was clearly quite antique . My understanding is that silver will tarnish and when it does it will leave a blaCkish residue when you wipe it with a clean cloth (as does this piece). The last image i uploaded appears to me to be a faded russian imperial eagle symbol (outline of the double headed eagle and banner). It’s been very intriguing to me trying to find out origin of this piece given that i am yet to find one similar brandy warmer (spirit burner). the taco-like stand for the brandy glass and the lidded fuel cellar w/chafing dish are unique as i can see it. And i have done so much research on antique barware that i have nearly exhausted the internet haha.
So any help on identifying the piece beyond just it’s material composition would be of great appreciation./ thanks everyone . I’m happy to be a new member of the forum

I don’t know anything about the history of electroplating in Russia but the process was invented in 1805 and was commercially viable by 1840. As it comprises a thin surface layer of pure silver it tarnishes in exactly the same way as solid silver.