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Unknown maker NMD 92.5 mark

The mark is clear but I haven’t been able to identify maker. It’s 7in. Wide and 2in. Tall and weighs 183.5 grams. Any help identifying the maker I would greatly appreciate.

Nothing much to go on here I’m afraid. Where did you get this piece (i.e. what country)? That may give us a starting point.


It’s mysterious ,it’s a thrift store find in Las Vegas. So it could be from anywhere. It’s a pretty modern piece I assume. It came in that yellow box with the sticker attached to the bottom 183.5/2.5. It weighs 183.5 grams so I’m assuming the 2.5 is another unit of measurement. When trying to research nmd silversmiths or any other variation it led nowhere. This piece feels high end and I’m fairly confident this item is solid not plated. I was hoping to find out more about the maker.

With the 925 mark, yes, I’d assume it’s solid silver. Other than that, I just have no idea, although I agree that it seems like a modern piece.