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Unknown Makers Mark... doubt is USA, UK, etc.


I’m a newb around here, and a newb to silver - so, be kind!

Anyway, I purchased a candelabra on eBay - thinking it was sterling (it was listed in .925 section) - but the ‘item specifics’ said it was plate. The description didn’t mention either. Anyway, I never noticed the item specifics saying it was plate and purchased the item. Oh well - my problem, my fault (though, you shouldn’t be able to put ‘silver plate’ under the .925 section!) Anyway, it is hallmarked, and I did talk to the seller… they claim they don’t KNOW that it is plate. I should mention that I do not have the item in hand as of yet.

Anyone want to point me in the right direction? The hallmark seems to have these elements:

Stag? Cross in Hay?? Fist??? Circled 3 and ER in a rounded rectangle.

I’m attaching pictures. The candelabra is 22" high, 18" across.

I couldn’t find anything out about the hallmark. To me, it looks like some of the Chinese ones out there.

Any opinion as to country of origin? Maker? Plate/Sterling?

Much appreciated. I hope to be able to help others here some day.

I should mention that it was the hallmark that caused me to ‘jump the gun’ and think it was sterling. Dumb - I know… But, now I know more!