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I have got a set of silver tea spoons
The spoons have image of Island Jersy, arms of Jersy and a note Silver 925 and letter Rinside a square.
Can anybody tell me when the spoons were produced and where can I read about the history of o produced the spoons ?
where can I read about the histoy of E. J. Gallichan & Co.Ltd ?
I tried to find in Internet but without success


Hello; late reply, I know, but I hope that it helps you.

The spoons are NOT from Jersey.

The spoons have been made by Bruce Russell at La Gron in GUERNSEY and only sold by Gallichan in Jersey.

The marks are:

Island of Guernsey with BR inside it.

Arms of Guernsey.

Letter R is a year mark, but I don’t know the year system for Bruce Russell, (who is not part of the British hallmark system).

You could telephone them. Their number is +44 1481 268 082. They have a website at, but it’s dedicated more to bullion, and there’s no real information about their silverware.

I sell their bullion on my website: (in the 1 oz speciality section).

Let me know if you require more answer.