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Unknown origin and marking

Hello, I have been in posession for a very long time of a small silver tray (about 7 inches wide with no handles). I am assuming it is “real” silver as it is not lightweight, and also assuming it is American as I am but I have absolutely no memory of where it came from. There is only one marking on the bottom, Naminé 349, of which I have tried to find any information on the Internet - though to no avail. Does anyone out there have any ideas on what the marking is and how I can go about getting a price quote on its worth? Many thanks in advance!

Hi there and thanks for joining us. It is most probably silver plated, since virtually all American sterling silver (92.5% pure silver) made after about 1860 carried the words “sterling” or “sterling silver” or “925”. British sterling silver has standard hallmarks. The marks you describe do not indicate any sterling silver I’m aware of, so silver plated or perhaps even pewter is my view.


Uncle Vic