Unknown origin and usage - Asian? 925 container

What is it please - a container of some sort. It may be a incense burner but there are no ventilation holes. It weighs 194grams and is about 60mm high. It is marked SL 925. Origin ?

Hello, in the middle photo you have an item made by an Israeli artist called Zadok. I’ve seen several of their pieces sold for less than $100 weighing more than 200 grams, which wouldn’t make sense considering the silver weight, I believe it might just be a 925 silver plate.

Thank you. I will do some research on Zadok, I will also get it tested to see if it is solid 923 or silver plate.


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Hi, I have now looked at several similar Zadok pieces on eBay. Mine is almost certainly Zadok. The other pieces are classed as either paperweights or sculptures. As seen in photo 1, mine appears to be a container of some sort. The lid is nearly heavier than the base. It would not contain very much. Maybe it was for a small quantity of frankincense or Myrrh?
Thanks again for your spot on advice.

Honestly, I didn’t know it opened, I even thought it was another piece in the first photo, I believe many owners don’t know it opens. In your place, I would wear the base to see if it is really thick or if it is solid silver.

The top does not lock on securely. It just sits there and there a provision to twist the top to align correctly with the base. You can see the stop in the first photo. It is hollow - I gave it a physical SG test weighing in air then in water and the result come far short of what it should be if it were solid silver.
I will be taking it to a gold and silver buyer in the city to put in their machine to identify the metal. It is stamped “SL 925” as in the third photo - So I am hopeful !


I understood. Then tell us what you discovered, please.

I took it to a gold and silver buyer today . He scanned it with his machine and said that it is silver. Did not pressure me to sell it for scrap. Suggested would be best to put it on eBay. I note that other similar items on ebay have the word “Jerusalem” on the base. Mine does not have a makers mark - only" 925". Hesaid it was hollow and may be weighted inside ! It weighs 194grams.

How cool, it’s a beautiful item, I believe it will be popular. Despite being Zadok’s style, I think it’s best not to put his name in the ad and just mention the 925 hallmark.

A friend called me today and ended up asking for my opinion on this item. When he described it to me, I already imagined the item and made the same reservations I had made to you, but when he sent me the photo, I saw that it really is just a thick sheet of silver that the item uses, seen through the holes that someone made. He bought 2, but apparently none of them open.

Finally listed on eBay for $100. Only one watcher so far. It is definitely hollow and filled - but as I said in the listing, the weight of the filler would be far less than the weight of the silver.
Thanks again for your advices.


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Dispose, but just one thing, I believe that the weight of the filler is much greater than the weight in the silver.

Hi, A last word on this matter ! You were quite right about the possible silver content. I did a physical S.G. test on the object. It weighs 190 grams in total and the total volume is 123cc. The means the S.G. is about 1.54 grams per cc. There must be a lot of filler. If the whole thing were solid sterling it would weigh about 1.29kg.
I was deceived by the apparent heaviness of it.
I have amended the listing , adjusting the description and lowering the price. If it doesn’t sell I may remover the filler and sell it for the scrap silver price - then again I may keep it !
Thank again for your valuable input.

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Cool, honestly I wouldn’t suggest selling just the metallic silver, as I think you’ll earn much less than you would by selling the item as a decorative object.