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Unknown pattern for Sheffield cocktail tray

Please help identify this piece. I can tell by the silver marks it is a Sheffield c. 1910 but would like to find the accompanying tea service. Anyone have ideas on the pattern or more information? It’s a substantial cocktail tray, 11x30 inches from handle to handle. The copper makes it quite heavy and sturdy. Thanks so much for your direction.
Corner-Handle detail500x400.jpg

No, this is not Sheffield, nor c1910. The trademark is that of an American company, Sheridan Silver Co of Taunton, Mass. The company was not incorporated until 1946 so that gives you an earliest possible date.

Thank you very much. You’ve been very helpful.

Lisa - look on under the silver section, find the maker, and look through the holloware patterns and you should find the tea set that matches your tray.


Uncle Vic

Thanks very much for your advice. I did just that after reading the previous response to my post and being set straight on the maker (Sheridan). There was one platter that matched the pattern on’s website, but unfortunately is listed under “miscellaneous” so the search continues. I sent the photos of my piece to their researchers for further information. With luck I can locate other pieces-- I think this is a handsome tray and would like to add to the collection.