Unknown pegasus hallmark on Royal Manchester silver teapot

Hi everyone,

I’ve been trying to identify this pegasus or winged horse hallmark without success. I’ve looked all over internet without finding anything similar. I’m pretty sure my teapot is made of sterling silver. It was made by Royal Manchester and i believe it could have been crafted in North Africa or the Middle-East. Maybe someone here will have the answer.
Thank you for your help!

It may be by the Royal Manufacturing Co of Detroit (see this post). “Manchester” would probably be the pattern name - note that it is in different script to the word Royal.

If there are no indications of silver fineness such as “sterling” or 925 for example then it is almost certainly either electroplate or a white base metal such as pewter. Strictly speaking the marks are the manufacturer’s trade marks, not hallmarks.

Thank you very much for the information!
The only other thing i saw yesterday was
a very small 62 on the handle.